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A Poem for 2012 (the Movie)

2012 (film)

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I’m sorry it’s been so quiet around this blog lately. It feels downright post-apocalyptic around here (ha ha). I don’t get a lot of time in the day for researching and writing, and I’ve been spending that time on other projects lately. But I haven’t forgotten this lonely little blog, and I plan to put some more pieces up here soon. I hope I won’t be talking into the void.

To tide you over, I was flipping channels the other night and got stuck watching the end of 2012. I can only compare it to the urge to slow down when passing a wreck on the road — the biggest wreck EVER! Whatever you want to say about 2012, no movie destroys the earth with as much maniacal glee. In fact, the first time I saw it, I wrote a poem about it, which I will share with you now.

Oh world
How many ways can I destroy you?

1. Drop LA into a bottomless chasm.
2. Explode Yellowstone with a volcanic spasm.
3. Coat Vegas in a layer of ash.
4. Wipe out Washington with a big splash.
5. Decimate Europe so everyone must leave it.
6. Drown the Himalayas (though no one will believe it).

It’s my world and I’ll do what I want to,
And all I want to do is destroy you.

Stay tuned for more on 2012 (the year, not the movie) and other interesting topics of the post-apocalypse.